Workshops 2022

  • 04/03 – 04/10 Jeff Dever
  • 04/13 – 04/20 free for booking
  • 04/21 – 04/28 free for booking
  • 07/01 – 07/08 free for booking
  • 08/02 – 08/09 Rea Cumbie
  • 08/30 – 09/06 Jen Cushman
  • 08/08 – 08/15 Nese Pelt
  • 09/19 – 09/26 Nese Pelt
  • 09/29 – 10/07 Nese Pelt
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Jeffrey Lloyd Dever

Inside Out—Compound Hybrid Forms for Jewelry

In Jeff's more recent work, he has been fascinated with the interior and exterior forms and spaces created when his hollow form and reinforced armature techniques meet modern art and mid-century design. In this 5 day masterclass workshop, we’ll explore an array of hybrid possibilities by combining multiple sculptural elements to fabricate compound forms that create interior space to capture and reveal secret details, or build peak-a-boo windows into other worlds. The class will examine how to adapt and apply these techniques to brooches, necklaces and earrings of your own design. Ornamentation and surface detailing will be also be discussed, as well as his unique take on pin backs as a design element for brooches. This is an advanced class and participants must have a good working knowledge of polymer clay.
This workshop is currently full and sold out. If you would like to be put on a waiting list, or be notified of future workshops please inquire at:


free for booking

free for booking

free for booking

Rae Cumbie

Enchanting France, Embellishing Fabric

Surrounded by the enchantments of southwest France, explore the countryside and a variety of fabric embellishing and surface design techniques in the cozy artist studio of La Cascade, our 17th century home.  We will paint, stitch, collage, and piece a variety of small fabric samples to spark our creative juices and create memories of our time at La Cascade.

Afternoons will be spent exploring the surrounding countryside.  There is inspiration to be found in the ironwork details, copper works, blue pastel fabrics and notions, bountiful outdoor markets, museum exhibits and fabric and trim stores in neighboring Revel. As we move through the week’s creative experiences and beautiful adventures, your work in the studio will come to life.  You will be encouraged to move your samples forward, combining the techniques into an inspired sample book, functional tote, wall hanging, or embellished garment.

 Rae Cumbie* and Carrie Emerson** of Fit for Art patterns invite stitchers of all skill levels and interests to our French adventure.

Visit for details and registration information.  Contact with questions. 

*Rae Cumbie is an award-winning wearable artist, sewing author, instructor and Creative Director at Fit for Art Patterns.  Read an extensive bio and see a listing of her published works at

**Carrie Emerson is a notable wearable artist, instructor and Managing Director at Fit for Art Patterns.  Read her bio at


Jen Cushman

Nese Pelt

Nese Pelt

Nese Pelt

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