Workshops 2023

  • 04/28 – 05/05 free for booking
  • 05/10 – 05/17 Fun Week
  • 05/19 – 05/26 free for booking
  • 05/30 – 06/06 Jen Cushman
  • 06/07 – 06/14 Dayle, Annie, Jane
  • 06/21 – 06/28 free for booking
  • 08/02 – 08/09 Rae & Carrie
  • 08/22 – 08/29 Nese Pelt
  • 09/01 – 09/08 Nese Pelt
  • 09/11 – 09/18 Nese Pelt
  • 09/21 – 09/28 Nese Pelt
  • 10/02 – 10/09 Paula Coleman
  • 10/10 – 10/17 Sharon Payne Bolton
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free for booking

Fun Week

Invitation for all artists or non-artists

This is a fun week, not a workshop, just relaxing with lots of fun. And everything is on your own discussion what you like to do. Artwork in the studio, cooking class, yoga, méditation, sight seeings, wine tasting, hiking on the mountains, shopping, flea market, farmers market, massage, life coaching,

or just relaxation time and doing nothing.
In this week they will be lots of different propositions for the group, with different leaders. Its up to every body to pick up the activity which would be the best on that day. No obligations. And what is this invitation about.
Feeling free and having fun.
This will help you to heal from stress and take distance and the time to see how you can handle stress in your life differently.
« La Cascade » is a beautiful 400 years old house in a valley of the black mountains in south of France. A guesthouse in a tiny charming village at a little river, and has one café and a restaurant . La Cascade has three terrace at the river behind the house, for meals, glass of wine or relax time. At the second floor they are 4 rooms with 2 single beds to share. The bathrooms are on each floor to share. At the third floor the big light filled and

inspiring art studio. And an extra room for one person or two. As well an apartment for one or two persons, with own bathroom, terrace and kitchen.
The kitchen, the dining room and living room is on the first floor, breakfast and lunch will be self-serving from the buffet,
and dinner all together at table with wine.
The group will be limited to 10 people.
Pick up possibility at the airport or train station in Toulouse. For all other details please contact the host of La Cascade Nese Pelt



free for booking

Jen Cushman

Dayle, Annie, Jane

Artists Week




free for booking

Rae & Carrie

Enchanting France – Embellishing Fabric

August 2, 2023 - August 9, 2023
La Cascade Durfort

Spend August 2-9, 2023 with Rae Cumbie* and Carrie Emerson** of Fit for Art Patterns at La Cascade Artists Retreat in Durfort, an enchanting medieval artisan village in the Languedoc region of France, to explore the countryside and a variety of fabric embellishing and surface design techniques. The mornings will be spent in the cozy third floor artist… 



Rae Cumbie
Creative Director, Fit for Art Patterns
410 377-0706


Nese Pelt



Nese Pelt, our teacher, healer, and host will focus this retreat on rest, renewal, and healing. Nese has over 30 years of working to help souls find peace, happiness, and healing into their 'best selves.' She will guide the retreat and all the activities. She will meet everyone with a loving heart and each day will be designed to help all participants find what it is they seek. This weeklong adventure into your inner being will be supported by others on the journey and will be full of wonderful sites, food, and experiences in the beautiful setting of southern france.



The retreat will be held at La Cascades in Durfort, France. Here is the website:


Nestled at the bottom of Black Mountain, in the quaint village of Durfort, you will be embraced by beauty, simplicity, and nature. Las Cascades is located beside an amazing waterfall and a river that runs with pure water from the Pyrenees Mountain range. It is a magical spot to visit and allows for much contemplation given the spiritual energies that the mountain beside it creates. Since the retreat is at capacity, all participants will share a room, each with a single bed. There are plenty of bathrooms located by the bedrooms, including all modern conveniences. There is an art studio on the third floor which will be open for use and we hope to have some fun activities planned for the retreat. Nese is a talented chef and all foods will be prepared by her and of the utmost quality. The food alone is one of the greatest gifts of this retreat!



The total for the trip is $2200 per person. This includes the facilitation of Nese's work with you, your lodging, meals, transportation to and from Toulouse, and local transport to some of the places we will go.


Looking forward to our time together!


Please contact Chandra for all information Chandra



Nese Pelt

Nese Pelt

Nese Pelt

Paula Coleman


Paula Coleman, Floral & Horticulture Master Designer, and owner of Flower Lark invites you on a magical journey to explore your creativity, delight your senses, and enjoy the art of living well in the South of France during fall 2018. 

Artisans making copper vessels, a 400-year-old French Market, a freshwater stream flowing down the village street ~ these are just a few sights that await you in France during the fall season. 

Our magical journey will begin upon our arrival in France. We will travel to the tiny medieval village of Durfort. Follow me to this unspoiled authentic village that is seemingly untouched by time. Durfort is an artisan village located at the foot of a mountain gorge. Known for their genuine, handmade copper vessels, where families have created these bespoke objects since the 15thCentury. 

Durfort is also home to our host for our weeklong creative retreat ~ LaCascade. Our delightful home-away-from-home, a 17thcentury country home, situated on the banks of a small river with a lovely waterfall off the outdoor terrace. We will enjoy many evenings together on the terrace as the waterfall fills the rooms with music. 

    In this setting, we will deeply experience the charm of France. We will foster limitless creativity and inspiration in a slow-living environment. We will discover how to incorporate flowers into our daily lives for health, happiness, and well-being. We will forage the countryside for wildflowers and natural botanicals to create unique French inspired bouquets. We will capture the essence of your bouquets for your Pinterest Boards and Instagram Feed. And, learn floral styling techniques for photographing your creations. We will learn to harness the Mediterranean sun to create lovely botanical prints suitable for framing or to use in other craft projects or quilting. During our creative process, you will learn to create floral flat-lays and botanical vignettes to inspire your love of beauty & flowers, which will be photographed for you.

Together we will learn and see: 

~Floral Styling & Design techniques for creating your own designs

~Pinterest & Instagram tips for showcasing your flowers. 

~Harnessing the sun to create your own lovely botanical prints. 

~Many uses for flowers and botanicals for gifts & everyday.

~Visit the famed 400-year-old Market in Revel…named one of the 100 prettiest in all of France.

~Visit the Sunday Flea markets for unique treasures. 

~Enjoy nearby villages and landmarks.

~Create Bouquets and Headpieces to be modeled by a live model and photographed on location in a medieval village; photos for your portfolio.

~Enjoy Excursions, Shopping, French Food and Culture. 

During our weeklong creative retreat, we will delight in LaCascade. Through retreat, creative workshops, good food, and fellowship, there will be a harmonious balance of inspiration, rest, and rejuvenation. We will cherish new friendships made and memories created. Come escape with me to LaCascade…a journey to renew your spirit, feed your soul, and ignite your senses! 


All-Inclusive Package Includes: 

  • 7 Night Accommodations at LaCascade
  • Full, delicious meals including dessert & wine with Dinner
  • 7 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, 7 Dinners
  • Designer Fees, Materials, Workshop Supplies & Tools
  • Professional photos for your portfolio 
  • Workshop Instruction & Individual Attention 
  • 24-Hour Open Studio Time 

Travel Insurance is required for each attendee at LaCascade. It is not included in price, but can be arranged for you. The cost depends on the cost of your flight. Please let me know if you need a quote for travel insurance. 


Flights are the responsibility of each participant. Your final destination will be Toulouse, France. (Airport Code: TLS)  

Transportation to LaCascade:

LaCascade is located about 1 hour east of Toulouse. Since Durfort is a small village (population 200) the preferred way to get to LaCascade is to rent a car from Toulouse Airport. Your current valid drivers license from your home country is all that is required. An international drivers license is not necessary. The drive is easily navigated with GPS on your cell phone or in the rental car. 

If you do NOT wish to rent a car, we can either match you up with another attendee that is renting a car to split costs and ride share with them. OR, we can help arrange transportation with an airport transfer roundtrip from Toulouse airport for an additional fee. 



Space is on a first-come, first-served basis. (Minimum 5 Attendees) 

Spaces fill quickly and are very limited at LaCascade to 10 participants!



You may mail check payments to: Paula Coleman P.O. Box 1485, New Albany, Indiana, 47150-1485 U.S.A. (to save fees)

CONTACT:For more information, please contact Paula Coleman: | | +1 (812) 945-3596



Sharon Payne Bolton


Sharon will be sharing all sorts of techniques with you to make your creations for our week together.  We will be incorporating found papers, fabrics and items from our explorations and from Sharon's personal French studio (located in the village next to Durfort)  Sharon has been running workshops now for over 10 years and wants to share the magical, romantic, creative world with you in the South of France.  We will be exploring some of the places she discovered since she has been spending time in her new French home and studio.  

One very unique bonus of this retreat is that Sharon will be providing all of the tools and materials that you will need to create your projects for the week. So no need to worry about packing anything for creating, unless of course you just have to!  In addition, we will have opportunities to shop for your own unique French treasures to incorporate into your creations and/or to take back with you to continue to create after you return home.

We will be creating handmade books with at least one using the world famous Coptic Stitch.   We will be stitching, binding, collaging, painting, dangling, embedding, wrapping, embellishing.  (wine drinking)

Sharon's workshops include techniques to encourage creativity and to discover your own sensibility.

So come join us and wander this sweet little medieval village to explore, create and enjoy the beauty of the French countryside.  We will be there during the time of year where the colors and weather are the perfect opportunity to experience the trip of a lifetime.  You will return home with your precious creations to remind you of this magical time spent in the South of France in the Fall of 2023.

visit for more information and registration


•  All workshop dates reflect 'date of arrival – date of departure'  •