Workshops 2024

  • 04/18 – 04/25 free for booking
  • 04/10 – 05/17 free for booking
  • 05/09 – 06/16 Fun week/ full
  • 05/17 – 05/24 Jen Cushman
  • 05/30 – 06/06 Jen Cushman
  • 06/07 – 06/14 Jen Cushman
  • 06/20 – 06/27 Roxanne Evans Stout
  • 06/28 – 07/05 Dayle Doroshow, Jane Bumar, & Annie Hooten
  • 07/17 – 07/24 Rae Cumbie and Carrie Emerson
  • 08/16 – 08/23 Rae Cumbie
  • 08/08 – 09/02 Lynn Leahy and Helen Shafer Garcia
  • 09/04 – 09/11 Nese Pelt
  • 09/13 – 09/20 Nese Pelt
  • 09/23 – 09/30 Nese Pelt
  • 10/01 – 10/08 Sharon Payne Bolton
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free for booking

free for booking

fun week - FULL

Jen Cushman

You can say Soul Stirring Retreats by Jen Cushman with Guest Artist ...

Soul Stirring Retreats presents Guest Artist Patti Euler 

Saints and Sinners

Immerse yourself in the picturesque French countryside and let the stunning churches and cathedrals inspire your creativity. Our exclusive art project offers a unique tryptic substrate (designed exclusively for this event) and a plethora of options to design and embellish your artwork. From iconic images of saints, renaissance women, statuary, gargoyles, local scenery, church windows and doors, you will have everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. With our array of paint, stencils, stamps, and collage techniques, the possibilities are endless. We'll also be visiting the Saturday Market in Revel and the Sunday flea market for more inspiration. Join us for an unforgettable artistic journey through the Saints and Sinners of France.

The sample and the student supply list will be provided by January 15th, 2024.  There will be plenty of time to gather any of  the favorite items you might want to bring. 

About Patti Euler 

Patti Euler is a mixed media artist and Golden certified artist educator from Savage, Maryland. Patti's passion for art is not only reflected in her own work but also in her dedication to helping others refine their technique and transform their art. Her 23-year reign at The Queen's Ink has been marked by her generosity and warmth, making her classes a fun and laughter-filled experience. Patti is also the creative force behind The Queen's Ink online art supply store, which is specially curated to inspire creativity. Her latest endeavor, Art Escapade, promises to be an exciting series of mixed media retreats featuring many guest artists from her studio. We are thrilled to have Patti as a catalyst for artists, from the novice to the skilled artisan.

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Jen Cushman

You can say Soul Stirring Retreats by Jen Cushman with Guest Artist ...

Soul Stirring Retreats Presents Guest Artist Kate Richbough 

A Journey through Beads, Color, & Memories with Kate Richbourg

Join Kate for an immersive beading, art, and shopping experience in the South of France at the La Cascade Art Retreat Center in Durfort. In this intimate setting, students will embark on a creative journey with Kate to make a statement necklace woven with memories, new and vintage finds, thoughts, dreams, innovation, and tried and true techniques.

Based on Kate's Advanced Stringing Techniques Multi-Strand Necklace, this project teaches a variety of stringing techniques and ideas on creating multi-strand statement necklaces. Students explore design, color, balance, create tassels and fringe, make secure and stylish closures, as well as other tips and tricks along the way. 

There are two group shopping opportunities at weekend French markets and large flea markets – vide greniers - where you will have ample opportunity to purchase special treasures to incorporate into your piece. Consult the itinerary for a complete schedule for all of the fun that is planned.

This immersive experience is filled with creativity, art, good company, good food, laughter and making memories. Spaces are limited to nine participants.

Students will be provided with a materials list and the minimal tools required for the workshop and each will each receive a curated collection of beads hand selected by Kate, as well as a handmade sketchbook and tote 

Host Jen Cushman will also lead a mini workshop on encasing tiny treasures in jewelers-grade resin to incorporate into your necklace or to save for another project. Basic materials of vintage ephemera, resin and bezels are provided for this mini workshop. You bring any special treasures, charms, paper or other ephemera that you wish to incorporate. 

A note from Kate on this workshop...

"I daydream in color..." That was my first thought when "dreaming" up this workshop, hence the name "Je Rêve en Couleur." This experience is truly the trip of dreams and I cannot wait for you to join me for this intimate and immersive experience as we journey together and create a spectacular jewelry piece. 

About Kate Richbourg

Simply put, Kate Richbourg loves jewelry. She loves to teach it. She loves to make it. She loves to wear it. Teaching and designing jewelry since 1992, she teaches at national shows, bead societies and bead shops and is published in a variety of jewelry magazines and is the author of the popular blog “We Can Make That at Home.” She has also appeared on several episodes of the DIY and HGTV network shows “DIY Jewelry” and “Craft Lab.” Kate is the author of two bestselling books Simple Soldering: A Beginner’s Guide to Jewelry Making and Metalsmithing Made Easy from Interweave Press. Kate is the co-owner and educational guru at Watch Kate's twice weekly jewelry making broadcasts on YouTube every Wednesday and Friday at 10:30 AM PT.  

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Jen Cushman

You can say Soul Stirring Retreats by Jen Cushman with Guest Artist …

Soul Stirring Retreats presents Guest Artist Cas Holmes.

Stitch Drawings Inspired by the Places We Visit

Be inspired by the places we visit. You will be creating an art journal made of the drawings, watercolours, stitch, collage, and ephemera collected along the way as we visit beautiful and ancient places in the Midi-Pyrenees region in the South of France. There will be lots of guidance and help from me along with a lot of freedom to include your own style. 

The course connects drawing and experience with stitch. We start with approaches we can take with cloth, paper and stitch to explore the dynamics of line, texture, mark and scale. These ‘stitch-drawings’ will then form the starting point for work in colour that will look at the ways in which qualities of the cloth and found materials might be translated and interpreted using a variety of accessible media and techniques. As well as working with the inherent qualities of any given material, we will also be looking at ways in which those qualities might be altered or changed in order to create constructions which combine colour, stitch, cloth and paper.

Materials and techniques covered:

  • Developing ideas referencing locality or place through drawing, recording and collage
  • Use of ‘less invasive' and reversible methods as part of the investigation of our collected materials and ‘precious finds’
  • Combining paper and textiles as part of a mixed media approach.
  • Simple drawing techniques and its combination with the stitched mark
  • Creating your references, photos and notes. Seeing with new eyes

About Cas Holmes

Cas Holmes is a British artist, author and tutor of Romani heritage specialising in textile work with found materials. She is interested  in interdisciplinary  projects in community and gallery settings to demonstrate the accessibility of mixed media textile processes.  Her practice centres on the use  sustainable materials and themes surrounding issues of  identity and place. Research in traditional paper and textile crafts in Japan and India continue to inform her practice and writing  (Winston Churchill Fellowship, Japan Foundation Fellowship and Arts Council England Professional Development Award).

She collaborates with organisations and projects on curatorial and community events including most recently the Romani Cultural + Arts Company as a recipient of Gypsy Maker Award and Craft Scotland on a collaborative exhibition Places,Spaces, Trace; an exploration of the concept of ‘place’ and our understanding of the importance of heritage; how our inherited traditions, monuments, objects, and culture can impact upon our identities and the space we call ‘home’.

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Roxanne Evans Stout

Dayle Doroshow, Jane Bumar, & Annie Hooten

Rae Cumbie and Carrie Emerson

Fit for Art Patterns

The Big Journal

Spend a week in July 17 - 24 , 2024

with Rae Cumbie* and Carrie Emerson** 

of Fit for Art Patterns at La Cascade Artists Retreat in Durfort

an enchanting medieval artisan village in the Languedoc region of France, 

exploring the countryside and a variety of fabric embellishing and surface design techniques.

The mornings will be spent in the cozy third floor artist studio of our 17th century home. We will paint, stitch, collage and piece a variety of small fabric samples to spark our creative juices and create memories of our time at La Cascade. Stitchers of all skill levels and interests are welcome.

Afternoons will be spent exploring the surrounding countryside including the flower fields, regional markets, tree lined thoroughfares, and small villages. Local textile activities will include touring a museum with contemporary tapestries, visits with local artisans and collectors, a day pastel dyeing with an expert in the field, and time to shop at local fabric stores.

We will find inspiration in the ironwork details, copper works, blue pastel fabrics and notions, bountiful outdoor markets, museum exhibits, and fabric and trim stores in neighboring Revel and environs for our work in the studio. 

The retreat fee of $3150 includes materials, room, board, field trips and priceless experiences July 17 - 24, 2024. Class size is limited to 9. The nonrefundable registration fee is $650. Not included: your airfare to and from Toulouse, travel insurance (required), an occasional restaurant meal, and personal purchases. 

Visit for more information about the retreat and to register.  Contact with questions. We hope you’ll join us for a memorable week with like-minded creatives in southern France!


Rae Cumbie

Lynn Leahy and Helen Shafer Garcia



Spend a week in this beautiful,17th century, copper making village and be immersed in the world of relief printing. 

Block Printing, Monotypes and Collagraph Prints...wonderful techniques on their own or to elevate your artwork.

La Cascade is the name of the home we will share in Durfort and is named for the waterfall flowing behind it.This town is surrounded by rolling countryside where you can take a gentle walk, a hike in the hills or relax by the river directly behind the house. Serenity at its loveliest.

Lynn will work with you on carving a  7x10 detailed block print.The theme will focus on portraiture. A second, smaller block print will be carved with a nature theme( bugs, butterflies, cicada ,flowers etc.) 

Drawing, transfers, proper tools, carving materials, printing and inks will all be discussed. 

Helen will work with you on construction of a large, accordion style book in which you will Mono print and Collagraph print.

The carved relief plate will also be printed in this book using various techniques to paint and add color to refine and finish the book.



Fly into Toulouse, the capital of France’s Occitanie  region, near the border with Spain. It is known as La Ville Rose ,”the Pink City”, due to it’s beautiful terra-cotta bricks. We recommend you spend a day or two here if your schedule allows. It is a city well worth exploring. It’s a vibrant university town on the Garonne River and has a marvelous history, museums, monastery etc..

We will all rendezvous on August 26th at the train station, which is in the heart of  old town Toulouse. From there we will have transportation to Durfort. It is only an hour away through lovely countryside. Rendezvous time will be determined once we know everyone’s schedules. 

There may even be time to visit one of the lovely villages along the way or explore Durfort once you have settled in at La Cascade.



You will have seven nights and eight days shared accommodations in this charming, 17th century home.

Buffet style breakfast each morning where Chef Nese provides home made yogurts, fresh-baked breads, fruit, cheeses and other delicious morsels .

Dinner each evening cooked by Chef Nese. She’s sources her food locally and cooks nutritious entrees. Wine is provided in the evening.

Each day lunch will be provided either at La Cascade or out on the town if we are exploring. 



We will spend  our workshop days in the large attic studio working on our relief printing and book making while balancing it with local excursions.



We love exploring this region and want you to have as much time as possible to immerse in the culture.

On Saturday you will attend the market in Revel. It is known as one of the most beautiful markets in France. Indulge in purchasing spices, olives, fabric and other specialties from this area.

We plan on taking you to a working paper mill in a small, nearby village where you will participate in making your own paper. They specialize in paper for artists and have a beautiful inventory for purchase should you desire.

The piece you make will be incorporated into our books.

A trip to Albi is a must. Saint-Cecile Cathedral is stunning and of course they pay homage to Toulouse Lautrec in a marvelous  museum. The whole town is a boutique shoppers paradise or you can fall in love with the history and just explore.

A short walk to the commune of Sorèze reveals a charming village that hosts a museum dedicated to the Benedictine monk, Dom Robert, L’Abbaye-ecole et le musėe. He was a painter and a master of 20th century tapestry. You will marvel at his designs. He focused on nature and we may even want to walk on the Dom Roberts trail.


This workshop adventure is: $2950.00 USD 

Shared , (double occupancy) accommodations for 7 nights and 8 days at La Cascade in Durfort, France. From August 26-September 2.

Arrival is Monday, August 26,2024

Departure is Monday, September 2,2024


The complete workshop with Lynn Leahy and Helen Shafer Garcia and most or your art supplies are included.

Meals: Daily breakfast. Daily lunch while at La Cascade or we will arrange lunch out on excursion days. Daily dinner at La Cascade.

Please note that the itinerary is subject to change based on days that events are available. We will know more regarding this and will have a set itinerary as we get closer to our travel dates. Our workshop date will NOT change.




TRAVEL INSURANCE IS MANDATORY. If for any reason you are unable to attend you will be able to get the workshop refunded along with your travel expenses.

AIG and Allianz Global Travel are two that we recommend. This can be purchased on-line. 

TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE PLEASE SEND A CHECK FOR $500.00 USD, along with your completed registration form to:




SAN MARCOS, CA.  92078





Nese Pelt

Nese Pelt

Nese Pelt

Sharon Payne Bolton

Student & Teacher Information ...

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