Student & Teacher Basics for Classes at La Cascade

NOTE to Teachers:  Be sure to read Guide to Teaching at La Cascade for more details.


About Our Workshop Intensives

  • Classes are limited to tvelve students so each of you will get plenty of attention.
  • Demonstrations are given in the morning so that you have the choice of working in the studio or exploring on field trips in the afternoon.
  • Candlelight dinners are often held on a terrace overlooking the waterfall. Our chef buys the freshest of produce from the Revel market where local farmers have been bringing their produce for centuries.


Planning Your Trip

Once you’ve decided that a week’s workshop at La Cascade is for you, you’ll want to know more about getting there, what to bring, car rentals, and insurance. I hope the following answers most of your questions.



NOTE: Travel/medical Insurance is a requirement for staying at La Cascade.

This isn’t expensive. Find one that covers trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel delay, baggage loss, baggage delay, emergency medical expenses, rental car damage, and air flight accident. See our page on Travel Insurancefor details.


Flying through Toulouse

Toulouse, France is your final destination. Your first touchdown in Europe could be London, Amsterdam or Paris, where you’ll pick up a short flight to Toulouse. When booking your flight, allow enough time between flights to go through the airport procedures. I usually plan about an hour and a half.

  • Dates listed as the workshop dates reflect the arrival day and the departure day.
  • Arrival
    Durfort is about 70 km from the Toulouse airport in Blagnac, approximately one and a quarter hour’s drive. Everyone should meet at the airport between 12 and 5pm on the arrival date. Rental cars will be picked up and you will piggyback to La Cascade together.
  • Departure
    Please don’t book a flight out before 10 am on departure day unless you have your own transportation to the airport. Alternatively, you may choose to stay in Toulouse the following night, and take an early flight.


Car Rental

Students usually get together to share the rental of cars for each workshop. This makes it possible to visit the many points of interest within driving distance of Durfort. Your teacher will send a contact list of the workshop participants to make car share arrangements. Your US driver’s license is all that you need to drive legally in France.

  • When split among 3 or 4 people, a car rental is quite affordable. Car rental prices vary considerably. Pay with a credit card that covers collision and injury rather than buy it from the auto provider. The European diesel cars are more efficient and cheaper to run. They are also quieter and more powerful that the ones in the U.S. Stick shifts are cheaper than automatic transmissions.
  • Past sudents have had great success using Europe by Car (1-800-223-1516).
  • If you book through Europe by Car, Citer at Toulouse airport will provide the car. See specific directions from the airport to Dufort. A Michelin map #235 Midi-Pyrenees comes in handy for getting about.


Final Preparations

  • Make sure to notify your credit cards of the dates that you will be spending abroad. One year I forgot to notify them and both my debit and my credit cards were blocked.
  • Check well in advance that your passport is current and bring a second photo ID. If you don’t have a current passport, it’s a good idea to pay the extra $60 for the expedited service because otherwise it can take 3 to 4 months. Bring a second photo ID, like a driver’s license.
  • If you plan to drive, remember your driver’s license.
  • Remember to bring prescriptions and specific medical information. I always bring an extra pair of eyeglasses, just in case.
  • Plan your packing carefully to get the most use from what you bring.
  • All you really need is one skirt (optional), one/two pairs of slacks, one sweater, one light jacket, a light blouse, a few tee shirts, and a pair of walking shoes. The bedrooms are up one flight of stairs; the studio is up two.


The Class

Your teacher will email you a list of your classmates so you can arrange for carpools or just chat about the adventure. You’ll also receive a materials list from your teacher at least 6weeks before the class.



All teachers handle enrollment payment for their own classes. Please consult the class listing for prices and contact your teacher about payment methods. 


Thump the ancient knocker …

you have arrived at La Cascade!

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