Bonjour! I’m Dayle Doroshow, the workshop coordinator and hostess for LaCascade artist retreat center in southern France. I have been a professional jeweler and teacher since 1994 and have shown my jewelry and taught workshops across the United States. La Cascade has been a part of my life since 2003 when I first helped Gwen Gibson put the final touches on her beautiful artist retreat house. I

’ve taught yearly workshops here since 2004 and it has truly been the highlight of each year. I have also enjoyed hosting workshops for the last five years. As your hostess I will be there to welcome you on Arrival day and help you and your group get settled in. I’ll meet with you all to share the La Cascade story and to give you a walking tour of our charming village. I’ll also have the week’s special events (flea markets, concerts, the regional Saturday market), favorite places to go, and maps to help you find your way around our charming area. Each day I’ll check in to make sure all is well and to answer any questions.

I am so happy to be a part of the La Cascade team and look forward to sharing magical experiences with you all.

Dayle Doroshow


Interested in teaching at La Cascade in France?  

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Imagine, you are in a tiny village of France, in an Art Retreat, detached totally from your normal daily routine, and absorbed in your creativity... What a gift!. 

Your senses are lured away by delicious fragrances wafting up from the kitchen, your body starts to feels hungry, and just then the bell rings calling you to dinner. Ahhhh, here you are at „ La Cascade “ .

Nese Pelt , is your personal chef at La Cascade :
„ Hello all dears, I hope you arrive hungry, because I love to cook and create new recipes, so I need you who love good food. Ha ha! don‘t worry, you will not gain more weight with all these fresh foods and fruits from the farmers market, eggs and honey from my neighbors, fresh meat from local farmers, the famous goat cheese from happy goats, organic olive oil, and french baguette made with local organic wheat... and you will have as well home made bread, cheese, jam, granola, yogurt, peanut butter and nutella “ (oh oh), and depending on my time, there will always be delicious surprises, but for sure my famous CARAMEL “ .
Vegetarians are welcome !
Thank you for your visit and „ bonne appétit “ .
Happy cook = happy eater

I was born October/28/1960 in Turkey, but I grew up in Germany, studied sports science and sports medicine. I have bee a french resident for ?? years, yoga teacher and massage therapist in my own healing center, Centre Melisse.
. I'll tell you the rest of the story when we share a glass of wine at the candle light dinner.