Handling Car Rental

For Teachers …

Classes usually need some encouragement in getting together the plans for the shared car rental. You can send this email once the class is full with the list of participants and contact information so they can confer. It’s best to send it about 6 weeks before your class date. Dayle Doroshow sends the following letter to her students. After teaching in France for 5 years, she’s discovered that this letter gets results.

Email Reminder to Students Renting A Car

Bonjour Mesdames,

It’s time for the class to confer together to arrange two shared car rentals and volunteers for driving. The two rental cars will be split 8 ways for the week’s rental and the gas. The cost will be around $100 -$125 a person from what I can estimate. Mileage is very good with European cars so the amount of money for gas for the week when split won’t amount to very much.

There are so many wonderful places to explore... Trips to flea markets, the historic Saturday Market in Revel, Albi, local stores and boutiques, En Calcat (the monastery close by) are not to be missed. La Cascade is an hour and a quarter from the Toulouse airport, so that is where you want to pick up and return the car.

I want to assure you that driving is easy in France, the roads are well marked and traffic is light in the country. Toulouse is a small airport and I have excellent printed directions to give each car and we haven’t lost anyone yet!

You can shop online for car rentals.

Your US driver’s license is all that you need; an international license is no longer required. If a couple people can drive a stick shift, the cost will be lower.

Most companies need at least a two month lead time for rental. I have nosed around on the Europe By Car website (whom I have used for many years) and we will need two medium plus or midsize cars that seat four in each car. Part of our challenge is getting all the luggage from the airport to La Cascade and vise-versa.

I have dealt with Europe by Car by phone (they are in NYC) and they have always been most helpful. YOU can also do it online. We need to take care of the rentals before we leave as renting from there is very expensive.

The date the care rental will start is _____ and to be returned on ______. If there are NOT two stick-shift drivers, then you will need to rent an automatic. I would recommend the Picasso.

You all will want a little freedom too – to go to the hardware store, art store, shops, the internet café and other close-by villages and artist studios.

Please connect with each other about the cars and get back to me about who will arrange the rentals.

Thanking you in advance...


Thump the ancient knocker …

you have arrived at La Cascade!

La Cascade

27 Rue des Martineurs
Durfort, France

Telephone: wihin France
011-33- from US