Keeping Students Informed

For Teachers …

I hope these sample letters will make it easy for you to get your class ready for the “Big Adventure”.


Letter 1


We’re looking forward to being together and exploring creative opportunities in La Belle France.

When you receive a class list with contact information, please check your information and send it back to me with any corrections and contact information for the person you would like contacted in case of emergency.

When you book your flights, remember that your arrival and departure dates are the dates listed on the site. Arrival is ______, departure is ______. (We will be at the airport to meet you from 2pm to 5pm on your arrival dates. We’ll be sitting just outside the Customs Exit by baggage claim #1)* Please remember to book your departures from Toulouse no earlier than 9am. If you must take the early flight, we suggest you book it for the day after the class departure date and spend the night at an airport hotel. The Hotel Grand Noble has been recommended by past students. Reservations are necessary, This would allow you a day’s sight-seeing in beautiful Toulouse.

It’s time for the class to put their heads together to arrange a shared car rental and volunteers for driving. There are so many wonderful places to explore. Trips to Montolieu, the farmer’s market in Revel, a local monastery, weekend flea markets, etc are not to be missed. Two cars shared by six people should be affordable.  Driving, for the most part, is easy in France, the roads are well marked and traffic is light in the country. You can shop online. In the past, we’ve used Europe by Car (Cité), 212/581-3040 Your US driver’s license is all that you need, an international license is no longer required. You’ll find driving directions from the airport to Durfort on Gwen’s blog.

Travel insurance is a requirement for staying at La Cascade. It usually covers trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel delay, baggage loss and emergency medical expenses, rental car damage and air flight accident, but the two most important coverages are emergency medical and rental car damage. (Remember not to buy insurance from the car rental company).

Your balance is due ____. Please makes checks payable to _______ and send to _____________. You will receive a materials list and a class intinerary/lesson plan,  along with a few last minute reminders soon after we receive your balance.


Letter 2

We’re getting closer. Time to think about what to bring. I usually alternate between bringing it all and traveling light. I recommend taking half the clothes you planned to pack. The weather in Durfort is affected by either the Atlantic or the Mediterranean; either hot and dry or cool and damp. If you need something once you’re there, it will be easy to find in nearby Revel, along with lots of great things you never knew you needed.

Traveler’s checks are no longer cashed in European banks, but you can draw 250 euro per day from an ATM. (There’s one about a mile from the house) or use your credit card for purchases. I usually hit an ATM at the airport for a few euros. Make sure to notify your credit and debit cards when you’ll be in France so they don’t block your charges.

About health, know your prescriptions. Have your physician write out the chemical name for any prescription you might need refilled if you lose your medications. If you wear glasses, you might want to bring a spare pair.

Of course you’ve checked to see if your passport is up-to-date.

Now, for more details. I need to have the following information from those of you who have not sent it to me yet:

  1. Please send me departure and arrival times if you are traveling by plane, train, or bus. Airline and flight numbers if by plane.
  2. Please make sure I know how you are planning to get from airport or train station to Durfort, whether you will rendezvous with the class at the airport or not.
  3. Let me know what hotel reservations you may have made for the day or so before the workshop – hotel name, address, and phone, if  you have them.
  4. Please send me the name of a person you would want contacted in case of emergency, including phone number, email address and what his or her relationship is to you. (This is based on the well-known principle that if we have it we’ll never need it!)
  5. Finally, please send me proof of your travel insurance.

Let the adventure begin,


La Cascade

27 Rue des Martineurs

Durfort, France

Telephone: wihin France
011-33- from US