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Website Description

It’s never too early to start promoting your class at La Cascade. You might want to begin by writing a class description. Visit my website to see how classes are described. I like to post your class description on the class schedule, along with a link to your website about 9 months before your class date. You can have a more in-depth description on your site.


You might also want to make up a flier for your class with the basic what, where, when information to hand out in your classes. I will send you a booklet which will give an idea of the house and surroundings. There’s plenty of enticing description of La Cascade and the surrounding area on my website to use.

Magazine Promotion

Below is an example of what Dayle Doroshow sent magazines to promote a class we co-taught. The two main points are “what” (good class description) and “where” (lay on the romance). We sent information to:






Fill Your Class Quickly

When Linda Trenholm and Deb Romer filled their class within two weeks, I asked Lindy if she had some tips to share. Check out her website at

This year I have been giving workshops in the studio and also I went to Asilmar, Art and Soul. I networked in a sense. The people I gravitated towards I collected address, stayed in touch and then designed some full color 5 x 8 postcards through a special program. They had all of the pertinent information, photos of Deb and me, our work and the studio in La Cascade. We sent them to people we thought would be possible attendees.

Once I began to get other requests for information from people, I decided to let the ladies know that the deposit would guarantee the space. I let them know we were having a great response already and if they were interested they would be wise to reserve now. In that e-mail I attached a reservation flyer, again I made it colorful and stated all the facts they needed to know, that the flight and car rental was not included, that all meals were inclusive and a brief itinerary of what we would be doing in and out of the studio. In three days all the people I wrote, as well as a couple of their friends, sent the money.

— Lindy Trenholm





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