Workshops 2018

  • 05/16 – 05/23 FREE FOR BOOKING
  • 05/24 – 05/31 Julie Eakes, Meisha Barbee, DayleDoroshow
  • 06/01 – 06/08 Priscilla Treacy
  • 06/11 – 06/18 Nancy Josephson and Jan Huling
  • 06/20 – 06/27 FREE FOR BOOKING
  • 06/28 – 07/05 Anke Humpert
  • 07/06 – 07/13 Suzanne Jenne and Dayle Doroshow
  • 07/16 – 07/23 Jennette Nielsen
  • 07/25 – 08/01 Dayle Doroshow
  • 09/03 – 09/10 Marisa Cummings
  • 09/11 – 09/18 Lisa Pressman and Norma Hendrix
  • 09/19 – 09/26 Helen and Lynn Lynn
  • 09/27 - 10/04 Paula Coleman
  • 10/05 - 10/12 Keith Lobue
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Julie Eakes, Meisha Barbee, DayleDoroshow

Moments in Time… Ancient Recent and Now

La Cascade Retreat Center Durfort France

Come join three fun, creative and inspirational polymer artists for a very special week of art and new experiences in southern France. Julie Eakes, Meisha Barbee, and Dayle Doroshow will spend the week with you teaching new polymer techniques and exploring new ideas in polymer jewelry and mixed media. Enjoy fresh food and local wines prepared by our personal chef.  Roses and Red Poppies will be in high bloom. You’ll have time to work on your personal art while exploring and being a part of this charming part of France.


We’ll explore the Languedoc region which is rich with medieval villages, artists, unique museums and flea markets. Our excursions will inspire our studio time and we’ll go treasure hunting at local flea markets and museum stores to use in our art during the week. Albi- home of the Toulouse Lautrec Museum, the Revel market- one of France's Most Beautiful markets, Flea Markets and other special field trips await you.

We’ll start the week mixing a gorgeous palette of colors inspired by our surroundings to use in our three unique jewelry projects. A bracelet with Julie inspired by the Silk Roads of ancient China, brooches with Dayle inspired by the 1920’s and1930’s and a pendant with Meisha inspired by the resurgence of the Mod style.

We’ll be based at the retreat center La Cascade, a beautifully restored stone house in the village of Durfort, one hour east of Toulouse. Durfort has been making copper ware since the Middle Ages and the town square is home to studio artists whom we will meet. We’ll travel via shared rental cars from the Toulouse Airport to La Cascade. The costs of the cars will be affordable when split among the group.

The Workshop: Instructed Studio each morning, a delightful field trip every afternoon. Field trips are optional if you want to stay home and work in the studio or explore on your own. The studio is open 24/7.

La Cascade: Bedrooms are double occupancy (two twin beds) with shared bathrooms. The art studio is located on the third floor of the house and is available to work in whenever you want. Living room, dining room and a large outside terrace that goes down to the river are part of our home.

Workshop price of $2200 includes:

  • Seven nights lodging at La Cascade-double occupancy
  • Daily afternoon field trips
  • All breakfasts, and most lunches and dinners
  • Workshop instruction and many supplies


Please contact us at or

Priscilla Treacy

Nancy Josephson and Jan Huling

Mundane to Magical: Adorning the Form

Hi, we’re Jan Huling and Nancy Josephson. 

We’ve been independently gluing everything to everything else for decades. Between us we’ve ‘done’ buses, an 8 foot bug, birds, bees…and that’s just some of the ‘b’s’!

In this workshop we’ll teach you every technique we know and use to create your own piece of art…anything from devotional altar to transformed taxidermy forms…using various glues, adhesives, bits and pieces and, of course, BEADS! In this no sew workshop you’ll leave having learned (and mastered) our very particular ways of adhering beads to any surface you can think of. The art work you conceive and create during the week will be the training wheels for what’s next as you take what you’ve learned back out into the big wide world.

This class is for all levels of experience; absolute beginner to expert. Well in advance of the workshop, you will be contacted so that we can devise an experience that is specific to your needs. Never beaded?…No problem! We’ll give you all the instruction you’ll need so that you can launch into either flat, 2D piece, or jump into embellishing sculptural forms. We’ll figure out in advance of our travels what project you’d like to work on (giving specific ideas/examples to choose from), and will make sure you arrive with all materials needed.

We’ll tag team teach, sharing techniques that, because of the intimate class size, will be individualized and provide a unique experience for each of you.

We’ll have access to independent workshop space around the clock but we’ll also be able to make time to experience the gorgeous environs; the shops, galleries, countryside and, of course, any nearby flea markets!!

We suggest you peruse our websites to get a sense of what we have in store for our time together.,

We can’t wait to see you at La Cascade!!!


  • Seven nights of lodging in a charming room at La Cascade- double occupancy
  • Meals prepared by Chef Nese with fresh, local ingredients (7 breakfasts/6 lunches/6 dinners)
  • Daily instructional time and open studio time when class is not in session.
  • NOTE:  Price does not include airfare, trip insurance* (required) or shared rental car (approximately $150/person). Though we will have some materials, most will not be included due to the individual projects that will be created.


Space is on a first-come, first-served basis. Class size will be limited to 10 participants.

Deposit due to reserve your spot: $500.00 (Fully refundable until September 1, 2017)

2nd Installment of $1000.00 due by December 1, 2017. (Non-Refundable)

Final payment of $700 due by March 1, 2018  

You may mail check payments to:   Jan Huling 938 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030

To reserve your spot for our workshop please email us at: and

*Here’s a handy bunch of links to travel insurance companies to get you going


Anke Humpert

A week long creative retreat

Being in a new and exciting environment is very special. Especially in the beautiful South of France, together with a bunch of like minded people! This could be a once in a lifetime experience and we will be able to create lasting memories. And to make it even more memorable, we will be working on a voyager capsule, a special vesel that cherishes and conserves YOUR experience at La Cascade. You will look forward to your studio time and your time to play. The voyager capsule will be constructed in a unique and personal way, lots of one of a kind surface treatments and mixed media techniques are taught in the process. The voyager capsule is a small sculpture, that is filled with YOUR unique memories. This is a brand new workshop especially designed for the La Cascade esperience!


The excursions (optional)

Albi –  Cathedral and Toulouse Lautrec Museum

Medieval village of Soreze –  famous Abbey School, the Dom Robert Tapestry Museum

Market In Revel.

The famouse flea markets.


The Accommodations 

La Cascade's bedrooms are double occupancy (two twin beds) with three shared bathrooms. The beautiful new art studio is on the third floor and available to work in whenever you want. Living room, dining room, and a large outside terrace that goes down to the river are part of La Cascade. We have our own personal chef to provide delicious and healthy meals. The workshop price includes most meals.


The location

Durfort, a medieval copper artisan village, approximately 45 minutes east of Toulouse. (The French estimate time rather than distance because distance could mean anything in terms of time on country roads)

Mediterranean beaches – 1 hr 30 minutes

Lake – 10 minutes

Nearest shops/restaurants – 5 minutes

Airport – 1 hr 20 minutes to Toulouse airport in Blagnac


The Price

Workshop price of $2100 includes:

  • Seven nights lodging at charming La Cascade - double occupancy
  • All breakfasts, most lunches and dinners prepared by Chef Nese with fresh, local ingredients
  • Workshop instruction and supplies
  • Instructional time and 24 hour open studio time
  • Afternoon or morning field trips (optional) and some shopping

Price does not include:

  • airfare, trip insurance (required)
  • shared rental car (approximately $200/person)
  • the occasional meal and shopping


Registration for the “A Voyager Capsule” retreat at La Cascade

  • $500 deposit will hold your space
  • Registration limited to 8 participants
  • After registration an info packet with detailed itinerary and more information will be mailed to you.
  • Time: June 28 - July 5, 2018 in Durford, France.


How do I sign up?

To sign up please contact Anke at with all questions and to reserve a space at the retreat.

Suzanne Jenne and Dayle Doroshow

The Grape, the Grotto and the Gardens of Languedoc

Join us in southern France for a week of art-making, wonderful food, inspirational field trips and new friendships. Our journey begins in the French countryside where fields of sunflowers astound. We’ll wend our way through garden tours where unique floral varieties create lush inspiring landscapes. We’ll explore the beautiful Languedoc region, a well-kept secret with many medieval villages, artists, markets and fairs, which we will draw upon for inspiration and ephemera gathering.

Each day we'll devote studio time to create floral abstract and landscape paintings, jewelry and altered books; all inspired by nature. We’ll use nature’s bounty, floral textile designs from around the world, and our imagination to create beautifully shaped flower and foliage beads, brooches and pendants with polymer clay. You’ll also incorporate fabric, metal parts, wire, and personal treasures. Another incomparable experience will be the Wine Tasting and Painting afternoon; we’ll paint on our grotto-like terrace overlooking the waterfall and fig trees as we taste local wines. Our studio sanctuary is the atelier where the hush of the river allow you to find peace and artistic expression. 

We'll have mini lectures each day regarding various subjects such as local French wines, culture, garden living, photographic composition, Languedoc legends and the woad flower; used to make the elegant blue dye that graces local handmade sweaters, scarves, coverlets and other collectibles.  Planned field trips include the Jardin des Martels near Gaillac, the Palais et Jardin de la Berbie in Albi, and the local market and flea markets for treasure hunting to use in our art.

The Workshop: Instructed Studio time, delightful field trips to artist studios, villages, flea markets, chateaux, village events and Open Studio each night.

We’ll be based at the retreat center La Cascade, a beautifully restored stone house in the village of Durfort, one hour east of Toulouse. Durfort has been making copper ware since the Middle Ages. Our personal chef will provide delectable French meals for our pleasure and we'll enjoy lovely local wines.

Workshop price of $2750 includes:

  • Seven nights lodging at La Cascade-double occupancy
  • Inspiring excursions
  • All breakfasts, and most lunches and dinners
  • Workshop instruction and many supplies

Your deposit of $500 will secure your spot. The balance is due Feb 1, 2018.

La Cascade: Bedrooms are double occupancy (two twin beds) with shared bathrooms. The art studio is located on the third floor and is available to work 24/7. Living room, dining room and a large outside terrace that goes down to the river are part of our home.

Please contact:

Suzanne Jenne

Dayle Doroshow


Jennette Nielsen

Dayle Doroshow

Capturing Ancient France:

A Mixed Media Journey

In this spirited workshop let's create Artist Journals with your original prints, Jewelry and small medieval artifacts to capture our week in the French countryside. The region is rich with medieval villages, artists, flea markets and fairs, which we will draw on for inspiration, ephemera gathering and our art work.

Start the week making a handmade journal covered with beautiful French fabric and polymer clay elements – an idea collector to capture your inspiration and techniques. New printmaking techniques will be explored – easy, low tech and unique! Next, we'll create Jewelry and small artifacts that tell a story inspired by French medieval village life, the Renaissance court and your imagination.

We will learn a cornucopia of techniques using polymer clay, textiles, handmade prints and flea market treasures to create your ideas – jewelry, artist books, and mixed media collage and assemblage.

We'll spend instructed studio time each day in the lovely and well-equipped studio at La Cascade. Then, each day we'll jump in our cars for adventure and treasure hunting that will inspire our artwork. Field trips include sunflower fields, the nearby monastery En Calcat with its outstanding art bookstore, t he renowned Saturday market in Revel with its visual feast of goodies and treasures for body and soul, the Sunday flea markets and Albi, home to the Toulouse-Lautrec Musee, an awesome cathedral and other delights.

Open studio at night… Exquisite food from our personal chef… New friendships… Art-making… Live and work at La Cascade where time relaxes and creativity flows.

Cost: $2,100
Price includes:
Seven nights lodging at La Cascade, double occupancy
Daily afternoon field trips
All breakfasts, and most lunches and dinners
Workshop instruction and many supplies
Visit for more information — and to learn more about Dayle and her work.
Contact Dayle at or 707-962-9419 with questions or to reserve a space.




Marisa Cummings

Lisa Pressman and Norma Hendrix

Join Lisa Pressman and Norma Hendrix where we will explore the stunning landscape and textures of Southern France.

Our exploration of the region will be our inspiration and resource for a week of creative investigation.

Join Lisa Pressman and Norma Hendrix in the stunning landscape and textures of Southern France. Our Destination is the Village of Durfort, also known as the Village of Copper. Our lodging, meals and studio space will be in one lovely location, La Cascade. And our exploration of the region will be our inspiration and resource for a week of creative exploration.

Lisa Pressman has envisioned this workshop to be a focus on ways to use traveling as a source of sensory information that will get translated into visual data. Cameras or I-phones, sketchbooks and assignments focusing on specific art fundamentals will shape our France experience. On our outings, we will photograph and draw while being mindful of all our senses.



In the studio, using our outings as inspiration, we will be experimenting with a range of materials including: R&F pigment sticks, oil paint, cold wax, graphite, ink, and pastels. There is a freedom of gesture, movement and process that occurs when painting with these materials. A variety of techniques, tools and exercises are used to explore personal imagery – abstract as well as representational – and students will be encouraged to use alternatives to brushes for their mark making. Layering, excavating, edge, line, texture, mark making, color and the concept of “editing” will be addressed. Individual attention is given to each student so participants will get the feedback needed to bring back to their studio. Power points, discussions of contemporary art, professional and career support are all offered.


$3,000 (with a $50 materials fee)
Limited to 10 students


Medium:  Drawing & Painting –  R&F pigment sticks, oil paint, cold wax, graphite, ink, pastels, mark-making tools  
Levels:  Intermediate to Advanced 


What is included:

7 nights in a charming room at La Cascade – (double occupancy)

  • Three meals each day, prepared by Chef Nese, using fresh, local ingredients
  • On location drawing and painting excursions and studio instruction 
  • Studio access 24 hours/day
  • Art Presentations and Conversations


What is not included:

  • Airfare
  • Trip Insurance (required)
  • Transportation from airport to La Cascade
  • Occasional meal
  • Personal Art Supplies (see Student Supply List) 



  • Enrollment is made with a $500 non-refundable deposit.
  • 2 more payments of $1275 are due by, January 31, 2018, and May 31, 2018
  • Payments in full accepted at any time
  • A full refund is made if for any unexpected reason the workshop is canceled or if it is already full at the time of registration. 
  • If the payment was made through paypal, refunds are generally credited within 2 to 3 days. 
  • If the payment was made by check, CMA will send a check back to the purchaser within 10 business days, as long as the original purchase check has cleared. 
  • We are unable to make full refunds if you must withdraw from the trip. However, we will credit you up to 50% of your payment, 
    if you withdraw before April 30, 2018. You may use this credit for any other CMA program or workshop within the calendar year.
  • We strongly advise that you purchase trip cancellation insurance in the event of an unexpected circumstance (death in the family, accident, illness) that would require you cancel your trip. Please contact a travel agent or your insurance agent for assistance.


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Helen and Lynn Lynn

Paula Coleman

Keith Lobue

Join found-object artist Keith Lo Bue for his first time in Europe(!) Then on to La Cascade to enjoy the beauty of the countryside … Using treasures found, you will create objects of mystery and beauty as you learn the varied methods of selection and assembly this limitless palette demands.

No previous jewelry experience is required; all that’s needed is enthusiasm and the desire to work with your hands. Whatever your interests, you will come away with new insights into the possibilities of creativity – and all in the glow of the mecca that is Paris!

Keith Lo Bue is a jeweller, sculptor, teacher, and self-described 'stuffsmith' who has work in many major collections, including the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC and the Museum of Arts & Design in New York. For over two decades, his work has been exhibited all around the US and in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Dozens of books feature Lo Bue's work, including: One of a Kind: American Art Jewelry Today (US), 1000 Rings (Lark),The Art & Craft of Collage (UK), Virtual Gallery of Contemporary Jewellery CD-ROM (UK), and The Compendium Finale Of Contemporary Jewellery Makers (Germany) – as well as MetalsmithAmerican Craft,Ornament and Belle Armoire jewelry magazines (US).

His workshops have been presented to enthusiastic reviews at Haystack, Penland and scores of other art and craft institutions across the United States, Canada and Australia. Lo Bue lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

  • Register for one or both weeks! This great adventure only accommodates eight and will fill super-fast.
  • Vist to learn more about Keith and his work.
  • Contact us for all the details or to reserve a space.



•  All workshop dates reflect 'date of arrival – date of departure'  •